Mythic Customs - "POC Cobra Snow Serpent" Custom GI Joe Figure


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Sep 19, 2018
Arizona, USA
The Cobra Snow Serpents have been upgraded! This Snow Serpent is read for action in the most frigid of arctic environments. Out fitting the tried and true kit of the Snow Serpents, such as crampons, snow shoes (not pictured), rocket launcher and emergency chute, the Snow Serpents have been upgraded to a new, thermal armor to provide protection while allowing them to operate no matter the cold! Also gone is the old red Cobra logo that ruined their camouflage, replaced with a silver one, With the addition of their upgraded assault weapon and ice axes (not pictured), the Snow Serpents are more dangerous than ever!

Watch out Joes!


It's no secret to thoses here that know me, that I love the POC line. To me, it was the height of GI Joe with the sculpts, paint and articulation. So I wanted to being the Snow Serpents into POC with the update.

I wanted to keep the look essentially the same, and maintain the arctic cammo, so I did away with the red Cobra logo and gave him a silver one. I also upgraded his assault weapon with at lease an attempt on cammo and, of course, had to give him some body armor, while still maintaining the general beefy look of the Snow Serpents. And then, to top it off, I gave him a snow/ice encrusted paint job to reflect his time in the field.

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