Mythic Customs - "POC Flint" Custom GI Figure


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Sep 19, 2018
Arizona, USA
Flint is ready for action in the POC inspired update! He's upgraded to an automatic shotgun and carries multiple handguns has backups, while for protection and communication he sports next gen armor and a headset. He even has a few spare shotgun rounds on his shoulder for easy access when every second counts!

I wanted to bring Flint (the REAL flint, not the lame "Retaliation" version) into the POC line but keep all the visual things that made him Flint (black beret, black shirt w/ rolled up sleeves and collar, shotgun). So I swapped out the pump action shotgun for an automatic and gave him a couple of handguns to fall back on. I added the headset mic for comms and, of course, had to give him some body armor (this is for POC after all), even with a few spare shotgun slugs added to his shoulder.

He is currently on ebay! click Here

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