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ATR Pirate by Dark Horse

  As always, forum member Dark Horse delivers! This time, we’ve got an ATR pirate that he’s assembled from what looks to be a ROC delta 6 accelerator suit, a Star Wars droid, and whatever other odds and ends that he could find. While I’m not familiar with this ATR universe, I will admit that it’s an interesting concept, and Dark Horse put it together flawlessly, bringing some real life to his imagination. I’m always quite impressed with Dark Horse’s work, which always evokes that gritty realism found in graphic novels, which is hard to get right.   It’s an awesome piece, and we’re glad that Dark Horse decided to share it with use here at the Fighting 1:18th.   Click HERE to see more pics and to join in on the discussion! Read More »

Pre-Zombie Viper by Dark Horse

  Today, for your viewing pleasure, is forum member Dark Horse‘s vast imagination at work once more. Ever since they hit retailers and etailers alike, many of us have taken a deeper look at the Zombie Viper, trying to visualize it better within our respective worlds. And there have been some that have gone the extra leap, applying it to Shock Trooper, Viper, and regular Trooper bases. But, what about those poor green suited lads who’ve undergone the process? What might they look like? Dark Horse brought us that answer! The figure utilizes the Zombie Viper base, Cobra Trooper head and helmet, and 25th Comic Pack Duke’s arms and legs, which have a green hue that resembles the base body almost perfectly. Adding a pair of elastic straps to replace the broken ones on the harness, a dab of paint ... Read More »