General Dynamics Light Armored Vehicle LAV-25

In 2008 modern era 1:18 scale fans were sent into a flurry after rumors began flying around that Unimax was going to release a 1:18 scale IAV Stryker under its Forces of Valor: Bravo Team brand. Collector's began speculating when the Stryker would be released. However, a few months ago, the unexpected happened. The Stryker was replaced with a General Dynamics LAV-25. I now have the LAV in hand and I can officially tell you about my disappointment. Read More »

M3A2 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

Despite this line, and its companion 1:18 scale figures, only being available at Target stores, Unimax's Forces of Valor: Bravo Team has become a blessing for modern era 1:18 scale fans. Despite not having a lot of "action features" Unimax delivers extremely durable toys with an incredible amount of external details for the right price. The M3A2 Bradley is no exception. Read More »