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2012 Officer Club Recap

Each new year several media outlets take time to revisit the previous year sharing the good the bad and the ugly. During the final few months of 2012 I considered the idea of creating a year in review editorial or even a type of awards for the site. As I was tossing around ideas I decided to focus my attention to one of the greatest features of the site.  What I’m going to discuss is one of the most asked about sections of the forum.  Several members both old and new are curious about it’s perks and what really goes on in what we call the Officers Club. The purpose of the Officers Club is to help offset some of the  site’s yearly cost so we can remain 100% corporate advertisement free.  We have always felt that accepting money from ... Read More »

Attention Officers! Contests!

  Attention, forum Officers! Don’t let time and creativity escape you and don’t forget about our contests and giveaways in the Officer-Only forums! Those of you that missed the deadline in signing up for officer status, you get another chance next year, so don’t fret! Those of you who are officers, you might be missing out on some exciting contests and prizes, including the monthly giveaways!   Here’s what you might be missing, so act now, click the links, read the rules, and enter! MW’s 2012-2013 Officer Giveaway #4: Monkeywrench‘s monthly giveaway! Click Here! Forced Perspective: This is part of Monkeywrench’s Puff Puff Pass game. Remember, if you win you have to “pay it forward” and offer up your own prize in … Click Here! (Hosted by fogger1138) What da Zed?: Halloween-themed Officer-only contest! Click Here! (Hosted by Monkeywrench) Read More »

2012-2013 “Officer Club” Membership Drive

It’s that time of year again folks! The Fighting 1:18th is having our annual “Officers Club” membership drive. The purpose of this drive is to help offset some of the yearly costs associated with the website. We are 100% advertising and sponsor free, and expect to remain that way as long as we can continue to! We have always felt that accepting money from manufacturers or retailers would cheapen or influence some of the reporting and reviews that we do, so we decided we’d go at it alone and do things out way whether people liked it or not. It gives us the freedom to do what we want, and say what we think, and so can you! This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members. These are the benefits you get for ... Read More »