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Eye For Detail – Grinch by kt174

Eye For Detail – Grinch by kt174

Welcome to this edition of the Eye for Detail. Today the spotlight falls on Fighting 118th member kt174 and his Operation Bird-Dog entry. Codename : Grinch

Operation Bird-Dog was a custom contest hosted by Obi-Shinobi and Daremo. Participants had parameters that their figure had to meet in order to complete the mission within the contest. kt174 came up with this soldier. You can view the full results here.

The overall look of this figure is outstanding. Grinch is a great choice for a name. The paint applications are done very well on this figure and they blend well with one another. He gave him various looks with the different helmet/hat setups. Let’s take a look at the pics.

If you would like to comment on the figure or view what others thought, you can find the original thread here. kt174 even included a parts list. I would like to thank kt174 and I would like to thank the readers. Eye will see you later.

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