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Just a stay at home dad, part time internet troll, and amateur photographer, with delusions of grandeur and a love for 1:18th scale toys.

Metal Gear MSF Styled Stabo Gear

  Tutorial comes courtesy of forum member Giga Bread. What you’ll need. 1. MSF Stabo set from Shapeways 2. x-acto blade 3. pen 4. cork backed ruler 5. tweezers 6. super glue (preferably a fresher bottle, unlike mine) 7. medical tape, micro canvas, or heavy paper 8. dummy figure- Since this method involves a little direct glue to the figure until the harness is constructed, I use a dummy figure with the same measurements, so I don’t destroy the paint job of of the figure I’m making this harness for. 9. wire snips Tips… 1. Don’t sneeze, exhale in frustration, or work next to an open window on a breezy day. Once your printed items are separated from the sprue, they can easily be lost forever. 2. When clipping sprues of printed items, always use wire snips. Bending it until ... Read More »

Tripwire EOD by Wry1

A lot of time and creativity goes into forum member Wry1’s customs and artwork, and Tripwire is no exception. What Wry1 has created and shared with us at the Fighting 118th, is a very realistic, modern military themed EOD expert that meshes perfectly with the more up-to-date collections and offerings out there at retail. The parts chosen are the perfect building blocks for the sculpting over top, turning this figure from what seems a complete mish-mash, into what I consider an artful masterpiece. The colors work well and seem to be spot on with what you’d expect out of a real-world EOD, successfully giving Tripwire a modern day representation, rather than the sorry 25th anniversary homage we got. Here is the before-sculpt recipe as stated by Wry1 himself: Helmet – Ace helmet turned backwards, Pit Commando face shield, various fodder, ... Read More »