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Jinx: Anatomy of an SDCC Exclusive

  Hot on the heels of both Sgt. Slaughter and Zarana, fans found out at Toy Fair earlier this year that the 2012 SDCC G.I. Joe Exclusive would be the red-clad female ninja, Jinx. Just a few days ago, we finally saw the first glimpse of the card art in the form of leaked samples from China. As always, the overseas samples stirred up a cruel hybrid of excitement and gnashing of teeth among the collecting communities as they await the chance to either get her at the Convention for retail price, or pay ridiculous prices on the secondary market to obtain her as non-attendees. Each year the exclusives have more and more commotion surrounding them as rabid fans prepare for the unavoidable frenzy to add them to their collections. But why? Ever since Hasbro launched the G.I. Joe “25th ... Read More »

G.I. Joe Club Footloose Review

Why on earth such a generic character has been on my “25th wish list” since the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line launched back in 2007, I’ll never know. Footloose is dated, he’s a third-tier character at best, and he’s almost as generic as Grunt is (and I hate Grunt). It likely has to do with his character in the Sunbow cartoon. Often teamed up with the likewise goofball team of Bazooka, Alpine and Quick Kick, the probably-a-pothead-although-he-was-never-explicitly-defined-as-a-pothead Footloose bumbled his way through battles with his bazooka and the munchies. He had a giant pillar crash on him in the episode closing credits. Not the most reliable soldier. So why did I want him in my modern collection so badly? No idea, to be honest. But I just did. And since he’s a fairly generic figure made from easily-reused/reusable parts (pretty ... Read More »

Slayer Design Studios Interview: Part II

Slayer Heads, Torsos, and Figure Kits

Hopefully you’re picking back up from Part I of our interview with Dave from Slayer Design Studios. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here to find out more about SDS. In addition to our main interview, we opened the questions up to members of the Fighting 1:18th and they supplied their own questions. Below are the burning questions that have SDS fans curious about the past and future of Slayer. Learn a bit more from Dave as he gives insight into things such as how well naked action figures sell, tips on learning to cast yourself, and a breakdown of their own casting process in layman’s terms. Q17: How long have you been making molds and casting? Dave: 7 years now. Q18: What precautions need to be made when working on casting? Dave: The SlayerCons are the best ... Read More »