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    Toy Pics: In the German Bunker, WWII

    awesome bunker. love the colors and texture. looks like concrete.
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    the landing

    HI gentlemen, some shots of my custom landingcraft.
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    Defending the island

    Thank you gentlemen !
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    Defending the island

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    Thanks guys. Preacher13: the big building is the Wayne manor and the ruined building is a creation by me.
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    V-1 Launch Dolly Rebooted

    fantastic !
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    Winter in Bastogne

    cool fx on the snow too.
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    Battle for the Planet

    Aliens and machines are here.
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    Falcon C's June 2015 Banner Entry

    Hi gentlemen, my shot for the contest is called " under fire in Nam".
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    Thanks gentlemen!
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    Afrika Korps in Tunisia, April 1943

    fantastic shots and figures! I have the same guys as well (but without accesories) :( tiger tank and indiana jones toys are great !
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    France, behind enemy lines

    Thanks so much guys !
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    Diglers Blackhawks....

    Amazing! looks better !
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    Vietnam era M113 with 106mm recoilless rifle

    wonderful job !