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    Looking for 21st Century Toys Cobra Helicopter (Camo Variant)

    Bro how hard is it to fix? Let me know I want one, if you want to sell :)
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    Looking for 21st Century Toys Cobra Helicopter (Camo Variant)

    I haven't been here in a loooooooooooong time time but I remember a member here said they had it
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    1:18 Scale Mass Effect Nomad - on Sale

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    TRU Sightings!

    OH SH_T !!! The Zod is in finally! heading to my TRU now (lol), need to pick up the Keaton BM too. Thanks! KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!
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    Expanded Universe getting the AX ????

    Alright all you SW nerdgeeks probably already know this, but when is the Expanded Universe rereleasing the SW old republic trooper since the rest of the line is getting the ax????? Anyone even know?
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    Who has got a SW Turbo Tank???? Your Thoughts?

    Does anybody have these? Can you tell me your thoughts on them? Hey brothers, looking for a SW Turbo Tank loose or boxed, just as long as it is COMPLETE. Oh Yeah, Any body have a PTE Flanker jet Anybody have a Joe Con Oktober Guard Daina or Ret. Night Viper?? Please tell me...
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    TRU Sightings!

    Damn you Fogger! That shit is tempting as hell....I'm gonna pass, I have to pass on this. I already have all the Gunships except this one.
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    Hey bro's I'm back from Xian. Let me tell you it was really bitter sweet. I got my camera stolen but was able to pick up some cool shit for you guys. As promised I told you I was going to bitch about some of the shit I went through to get this stuff :) Well, I got my camcorder stolen which...
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    On the road again...sort of actually flying

    Heading for Xian (she'ahn) in about 6 hours. Gonna see the Terracotta Warriors! My wife tells me that the whole city relies heavily on tourism there. I will bring back some of the mini Terracotta statues for you guys (at least one or two for you fuckers) Let me know quickly like in 30 minutes...
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    Has anyone had the balls to actually buy this baby and fit Joe's in there? The AutoArt Interceptor is soooooo friggin sexy!!! So tempted to ignore the general rule when it comes to 1:18 vics and its compatibility with Joes. :)
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    I hit a MILESTONE.....YAY :)

    Finally broke down and got me a BBI MH60 BlackHawk "NightStalker". Got it for 150 shipped MISB. My neighbor back in the States will be receiving it. I just felt this was a must have what do you guys think?
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    Which LSV is better

    Hey I wanted to know from you guys if any of you have the PTE Military Buggy (LSV) or that other Navy Seal Endorsed toy LSV. Can you tell me which one is better for compatibilty with Joes or just give me your opinion in general about those 2 vics. Thanks!
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    Merry CHRISTMAS everybody!

    I see that you broke down and got the Night Viper. (deep sigh) Nooo000oooo
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    Merry CHRISTMAS everybody!

    Merry Christmas bro's. Hope you guys eat or ate well, I know I'm not (lol).