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  • Man that sucks. Oh yea, that place is like high school. Everybody has there groups and cliques and it's annoying as hell. For a good 2 years, the main group that I didn't get along with also happened to have 70% of the Mods in there group. That went really well :rolleyes:
    Hell yeah. I'll log into HT every now and then as I still have a few buds who are only over there but I rarely post there. This is my main home. The only good thing about HT is the traffic for trades and such. I got a nice feedback thread there, thats the main reason I haven't left completely.
    Right on! I remember you from HT but I don't remember welcoming you. That being said thou, My 4 years on HT have been a blur LOL. Lots of H8te, anger, fighting and getting infractions etc. Good times :)

    I'm happy your here on the 1:18
    Haha. Thanks bro. No need to feel guilty. It's all part of the hunt. Got my email confirmation so I feel great now
    Got ya, I like them both, DC a little more but that is because of Superman and lex luther. My favorite Supers in order are Superman, Captain America, Flash, Thor, and Batman
    My favorite villains are Lex luther, Red Skull, Braniac, Joker, Sinestro, and Loki. I like thinking villains the most.
    I'm not sure why Howard didn't come back either. I think he got in some legal trouble and the studio cut ties with him.
    Oh i hear ya. I was against it with Norton as well till i read why. I dont like it, but understand why. i never knew why howard didnt come back, was it his choice?
    I agree about Howard. He just fit that role so much better. I agree that Norton fucked up. I just really like Norton and really despise cast changes. I'm kinda anal like that.
    How do you feel about the cast cahnges in Hulk and war machine? It really bothered me in War Machine, of course it hurt that they didn't look anything alike :( I also really like Norton as an actor.
    Yea, that could be. Now your talking about the animated film right? I saw both of them but don't remember them too well. I think the cost was the real reason and they chose to spin it and write it in. Stark even made a joke at the end of #2 saying that Fury couldn't afford him anyway lol.
    Ha! The Eddieism thread is insanity! Brings a whole new element to the site. I'm sure blacksheep's post will get butchered. We usually don't wait long. :D
    No problem Meddatron. It was fun. It was my first one and I'll be doing a "noob editorial" about it. Hopefully we will be coming up with a competition for some stuff from the show after August. Big Jim has his Zombie contest so after that I'm sure something will happen.
    Thanks bro! im glad i can share them here, and get your fellow critique and good discussions. I feel great posting it here. and more to come :)
    Hey brother! I am not working on anything for me right now. Just tweaking a few figures. but no big dios. I'm in one of those in between modes. Want to build something but not sure exactly what I want or need. I am one of those that without a plan laid out, I am useless. lol. How about you brother?
    Thanks, bud! I have a stack of business cards from the place I used to work at the time with notes and ideas for the comic scribbled on the back; crap that might work as a punch line or throwaway joke that wouldn't be able to carry a whole issue on its own. The PEWPEW gag was one of those. I'll have to bring some of the other ideas in sometime, too.
    Yes sir. I think we'll be going through the entries the next couple days and then there will be a new thread for the voting. Probably up by Thursday I would think.
    If you have some time please take a minute to vote in our banner contest next week. Every vote matters. Thanks and welcome aboard!

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