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    Mr T and Marion Cobretti

    Thanks. I think it came from StarWarsGeek. Shrunk cast by Keenan for him I think?
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    Mr T and Marion Cobretti

    Thanks. I want to try another torso and sculpt his farmer pants like he wore in The A-Team. I chickened out this go around.
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    Mr T and Marion Cobretti

    My versions of Mr T and Marion Cobretti (Stallone) for the Joe verse. Thanks for looking.
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    Harley Quinn

    Thanks guys. No, sorry I didnt take any pictures. Originally it was Aayla Secura. I just cut the tentacles on an angle off each side, spun them, glued them, and filled with Green stuff to clean it up. I also cut the circle ear things off her head piece. Than just paint.
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    Harley Quinn

    Made a new head for my Harley Quinn. Just need to eventually change out some red joints for black ones. Thanks for looking.
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    facehuggers in stasis tubes

    They look great!
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    Cheap cardboard Wtach Tower by HUNMARINE

    Looks great!!
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    Superman - Eddie won't like it....

    New outfit Superman. Need to get better hands and do the tops of his boots, but those mods will be waiting for parts.
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    Modded DCMV Joker and Harley Quinn.

    Finally modded a DC Multiverse Joker. Gave him better elbows (unfortunately black pegs til I get purple), new head, removed his jacket and painted his shirt orange, SS articulated hands (I like him with white gloves) and gave him ankle articulation. HQ just has added GIJoe Covergirl arms. I...
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    Daredevil (Net Flix TV Show)

    Just watched Episode 1. Liked what I saw. Great fight scene. Going to watch the second, maybe the 3rd episode yet tonight before sleep.
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Don't forget her final scene of her disposing of Captain America's blood. Her saying good bye to him with that scene. "goodbye my love". Than pours his blood into the water off the bridge.
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    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    Right on V!
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    Daredevil (Net Flix TV Show)

    Some point today I will watch episode 1 for sure.
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    What bugged me about AC was that I thought they booked it as the beginnings of SHIELD, but it turned out to be nothing more than a Goodbye to Captain America show for me. I think Gonzales will be Hydra in the end on AoS.
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    1/18 TA-183 Huckabeen

    Finished Pics in front page story - [Custom] TA-183 Huckebein by YT1 | The Fighting 1:18th!