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  • I used to have a folded stock M1A1. Useless outside the figure it came with.

    You want these figures loose or carded?
    Yeah, a Red Ninja. ;)

    I reckon all the stuff I named, plus a few belts, helmets, another knife and some various Allied pouches, maybe another M1A1 or M3 and we're good. What say you?
    Well, I found one after all. 10 bucks at Kmart hurt like hell, but anything for a fellow collector.
    KT: I'd still be happy with a DG Shipwreck or SS/Retaliation Roadblock, SE or what ever combination you'd be willing to part with!

    Just let me know and I can have your package ready to go in Monday's mail. So, that means I'll mail to you first, seeing how I'm still kinda new here and I have no problem building trust that way, especially with you high rollers ;)
    Unfortunately I've been beaten to the punch on anything that isn't Retaliation SE, SS, Duke or RB. This is not to say I won't luck into a single carded Red Ninja, but there's no telling when stock is gonna dry up. May be too late already.

    Haven't seen any DG figures since I first found them. I think that well is dry for at least until the Summer.

    Here's my initial list. Not sure what you consider a fully kitted figure, but this is stuff I know for sure I want:

    FG 42 and magazine bandoleer.
    MP 40 extended stock x2 and 1 pouch/belt.
    StG 44 x2, and their corresponding pouches/belts.
    1 each of the two oak leaf pattern zeltbahns.
    M3 grease gun
    M1A1 carbine with stock extended
    knuckle knife
    21st paratrooper helmet
    BAR with belt/pouch

    Let me know how many figures that covers.
    I usually only glance at the Avengers stuff, but I can do a thorough look next time I'm out and about. I have seen a Hawkeye, but I thought he was in the first wave.

    I guess they're boot knives. Really looking for the Mark 1 trench knife with the knuckles, but I'll take any as they're useful greebles for customs.
    That's cool. One last question before I start doing up a list, any 21st knives? I see the 21st para helmets so I figured I'd ask.
    Is the Allied stuff available as well?

    Man, that's a lot of stuff to wrap the noggin around!
    I just didn't know if we were gonna move forward or not. Everything is still free and clear.
    Pics would be cool!

    I've got one each of SW, SS, SE and CC. I've yet to see a Duke, and have only seen the one Officer/Trooper. I'll continue looking, though.
    I found 4/6 DG figures, if you want to work out a deal for all or one or whatever.

    If not, it's cool, I've got other takers. :D
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