New Aircraft Projects For 2023


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Mar 15, 2011
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Hey Guys,

I am in full stride trying to get out 2022 armor projects and I am figuring I will be done in about 2 months depending on my real work.

I am thinking on doing some aircraft for 2023.

Unless you guys are still shell shocked about the Lippisch incident I am thinking of doing the Lippisch delta wing, Bell P -39 and possibly the Nam version of the Huey Cobra

It is too early to say how much each will be but considering prices now my guess would be $350-$450 per kit and around $850 for the builds.

This is only a guess .

The A-10 proto rough-in is made .

This is a big plane with a big price .

This will be about twice the project that the Hind was and will be about twice the price .

I have been talking with guys who are in on this project and the general consensus is that 2-3 guys should go in on this project , splitting the ordinance from the actual aircraft.

Any feedback is welcomed .

Any guys out there still collecting ?
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Mar 14, 2011
I'd love to hear more about the A-10 project you mentioned, i.e. progress pics of the proto, intended timeline and pricing. I'd be very interested in a hangable version with a squadron paint scheme and standard load out. It would not need to have a ton of internal details (would like to minimize weight/any potential for warping).