The Survivors

So, going along with The Compound diorama, I have a rag-tag group of survivors in mind as the protagonists of the storyline. As I finish each dude, I'll post them up here with their bios and story tie-ins.

They've survived the Weather Wars and the collapse of civilization, but can they survive what the world has become?

I've got two for y'all to get started with.

First up is Carlos:

(Yep, formerly my take on Recondo)

A former NYPD Narco officer, Carlos was deep undercover when civilization collapsed. He managed to pull together a small arsenal, and rode out the collapse of civilization in relative comfort thanks to the provisions in the cartel leader's converted Atlas missile silo outside of Poughkeepsie. After a fuel spill in the silo, he's been forced back above ground.

Then we have Mackie:

He's a Brooklyn native and former NY cabbie. A natural born navigator, he was at his cabin in the Adirondacks when all hell broke loose. Him and his uncle Ray spent the next years living off of the land as best they could, which was pretty damn good, but now that the waters have receded they're heading home.
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Thanks, Tapper!

Looking good. I should have gotten a few of those Tunnel Rat's. The lower body on him has so many great uses and always looks good.
Thanks, Medd! I dig the Renegades figures, and that Tunnel Rat is definitely a cool figure. I had two and am always lookig for good deals on more. They came with good accessories as well. I've used TR's legs on another dude from this team, and Mackie here is sporting a pair of Storm Shadow's legs; I was going for a Carhartt overalls look as opposed to something military-esque.
Thanks, Salty!

Here are two of the Wastelanders, survivors who weren't lucky enough to escape the cities during the collapse. The Wastelanders had to ride out the storms and floods any way they could...

First up is Lefty.
After losing his arm in the Battle of St. Louis, he was discharged and found his way home to the Bronx with a government issue BioMech prosthetic. When the flood waters came, he was able to hold up in the top floors of his apartment building. Then the mold came. Like many of the Wastelanders, his respiratory system is damaged. A gas mask, it's filter saturated with a tincture of mint and tea tree oils, helps keep his lungs clear. The mold spores have tinted his skin black.
A talented scavenger, and master mechanic by trade, he uses the rusting hulks of war machines to keep his prosthetic working.

Butcher was trapped in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg when the floods came. Living off the bloated flesh of the corpses floating by, rats his only company, the mold took over his body. When the top layers of his skin began to slid off, Butch preserved his face as best he could and sealed himself in a hazmat suit. A hint as to Butch's sense of humor: he painted eyes on the sewn shut eye holes of his preserved face. Lefty found him on a scavenging trip when the waters receded, and even though Butch can not speak, they work together as if their minds were linked. Some think the mold has altered their minds, as many Wastelanders seem to be able to communicate in unknown ways.

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Here is the next Wastelander, Lefty's right hand man, Bolt.

Lefty and Bolt served together in the 2/319th Armored Division. The military trained him in BioMech maintenance and robotics, but his real talent is a MacGyver-esque ability to take a rusted pile of parts and build an effective war machine. He has built two armored BioMech fighting vehicles to help protect the band of Wastelanders he travels with, and is the go to man for resurrecting any pre-collapse machine, BioMech or otherwise. He's currently working on getting a B.A.T. back up and running, and has successfully brought a DataViper back online.

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Hey, thanks for the compliments, Salty! I really appreciate it, and I'm glad you dig them.

The VAMP is the first custom vehicle I made not to long ago. A lift and some mild mods, and the appropriate paint and weathering. Here is the original thread. I have another 50th VAMP and may make another post-collapse one after I finish the dune buggy I'm working on now.

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Two more Survivors for you, before I get back to the Wastelanders.

Phil and Manny, who survived with Carlos down in the cartel's missile silo.

First is Phil.
Phil was a chief enforcer for the cartel turned informant. He worked closely with Carlos whilst he was undercover, and their partnership continued through the collapse. When the shit hit the fan, Phil helped deal with the cartel members that didn't want to work as a team.

Second up is Manny, the cartel's chief grower. He was an easy convert from the cartel's mindset; he just goes with the flow. It helps that he is Phil's cousin, and has the greenest thumb this side of the collapse. Some say he smokes a bit too much of his main crop, as he was a pretty wonky eye ;)

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Next up is another Wastelander...

"A born leader, ApollyÅ￾n was a special operative with the 303rd Strikers. From saboteur to anti-insurgent, Apo doles out death and destruction, and continues to hold a hard line at the front of the Wastelanders. Armed with a pulse laser rifle, his trusty sledge hammer, and a Gerber LMF, he's ready for anything. Like many of the Wastelanders, his respiratory system is damaged and mold spores have tinted his skin black. A gas mask, it's filter rife with black mold, is his only means of breathing; fresh air would kill him. "

Ultimate Roadblock head
NeoViper torso and upper arms
Retaliation Snake Eyes forearms and hands
POC Zartan legs and feet
DG Snake Eyes LBE
Steel Brigade Delta knife and sheath
Shock Trooper sledge hammer with made sheath
Cobra Invasion Trooper gas mask
Duke's pulse laser rifle
Made baklava/hood

Edited for finished pics and parts list.
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Here is my next Wastelander:
Bucks Team Heavy Machinegunner, Lucky 33.

Lucky was assigned to the elite Bucks team, but upon Bob's death decided to take off on his own as a mercenary. When the mold ruined his respiratory system, he found himself in the same situation as many Wastelanders. No one living can remember what his face looks like, but his reputation, and that of his constant companion, general issue heavy machine gun #33, is legendary.

Retaliation Snake Eyes torso and upper arms
NeoViper lower arms
50th Night Viper legs
AF Male Head #0455
Acid Rain helmet
Marauder mini-gun w/ hockey tape sling, SBD belt, and drum made from styrene and a highlighter pen
Modified hose from DG Shipwreck
Greenstuff canister
Sewn cape, scrap dyed fabric kerchief
Thanks, Medd! I finally bought a 0 paint brush, which opens a whole new world of possibility, and I also have realized I need a smaller brush :)

Here is the other guy I finished today:

Here is my next Wastelander:

Another Bucks Team member and a veteran of the 818th Recon battalion. Caught in the Wasteland, he's spent time running guns in the highlands, but when several other veterans decided to head down to New York City, he couldn't resist the adventure. He's as lethal with an improvised weapon as he is his MARS Industries plasma rifle.

Angel Forge Male Head #0086
Kickstart torso and arms
Ultimate Duke legs
Acid Rain vest
Renegades Cobre Trooper plasma rifle
Hand dyed smock and kerchief
This Wastelander reminds me of a rodent, so I went with an obvious name, for now:
Sewer Rat
He's most comfortable below ground, and survived the collapse thanks to his knowledge of New York City's subterranean networks of tunnels gained from his years as a sanitation worker. His tools are simple: a flashlight he uses sparingly, a 5 pound sledge and pick axe for clearing debris or the occasional interloper, a knife, and a silenced .22 he keeps at the small of his back. To help see what's behind him or around corners, he's fashioned a makeshift stem mirror.

Angel Forge Male Head #0212
50th Lowlight torso
Retaliation gocart Firefly upper arms
DG Snake Eyes forearms
DG Shipwreck hands
50th Night Viper legs
DG Duke helmet
Bits and scraps from different fodder for belt and weapons, and I made the stem mirror from scrap styrene and his scarf from some scrap fabric
He's known as the Wanderer. Moving from the plains, through Appalachia, and down into the coastal Wastelands, he's traversed the worst of what this world has become. Rumored to have been part of the elite Bucks Team during the wars, he is a man of chosen words, and many scars. A cannibal by necessity, he goes about survival with the astute wisdom only an educated and capable warrior can accumulate. He does what has to be done, but with honor and justice at the core of his decisions. Some say that is why he never stops in one palace for too long.

"I've never been happy without matching the movement of the stars. I'll catch them, if it is what I'm meant to do. Now, pass the moonshine over and let me tell you a story…" The Wanderer

I ran out of daylight, so the colors are off. You get the idea, though...

My first mod using Acid Rain World donors…
Body: Acid Rain World Agurts Infantryman
Head: Acid Rain World Bob - Bucks Team Leader
LBE: Retaliation Cobra Alley Viper
Pouches: Daremo Casting
Spear: Retaliation Quinn
Rifle: Acid Rain World Sol Commander
Made the shroud and scarf
Nov 9, 2013
Wales, UK
Thanks Rick and Shadow!

Ha! Well, I have a couple more Bobs, a couple more Sol commanders, and a Raptor Speeder Mk 1 on their way. The Sol Commanders are specifically to paint and mod.
Winner man, I made a custom Artyom from Metro 2033 the other day out of a spare Bob.. man it is actually quite a close match for your Wander looking back!

Winner man, I made a custom Artyom from Metro 2033 the other day out of a spare Bob.. man it is actually quite a close match for your Wander looking back!

I just faved that dude on your flickr page. That helmet, and the backpack are sweet! From googling that name, looks like you definitely hit the mark on the character, man. Very cool.