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Nov 28, 2012
Vancouver,BC Canada
By L.J. Digler, IFN Correspondent
ALEPPO, Syria (IFN) – For several hours, a contracted team of Devils Protective Operators have been pinned down by Daesh fighters on a street in the industrial city of Sheikh Najjar. Another DPO team is attempting to get to their comrades taking heavy fire just seven miles away. I was embedded with a joint element of DPO and US Special Forces when they conducted a night reconnaissance by vehicle of this area several days ago.
The team here in Aleppo had been engaged in operations east of the city when a cel phone call from the escort team’s interpreter came through. According to DPO team members that wanted to remain anonymous said they asked her what the situation there was. She told them all hell broke loose and the convoy is split and hold on I’ll show you.
Several photos were received over an hour’s period depicting the grave scenario unfolding. Communication of all kinds has been disrupted with the onset of the sandstorm soon after the initial call and subsequent photo transfers. The DPO member allowed me to view and I took the liberty to forward the images to my phone.
Any outside assistance is hampered by the sandstorm as well. Visibility is nil and the hazards of flying debris are worse. Despite the deadly natural conditions of the sandstorm the Devils Ghosts set out anyway. These guys are facing a slow arduous task as GPS signals are obstructed as well as the aforementioned.
_NOTE: L.J. Digler is a correspondent assigned to the Independent Fake News (IFN) Ankara bureau. He is currently on assignment in the Aleppo Province covering U.S. coalition forces activity. The identity of the photographer and those in the images were not released by sources.

Written by Kelly Short, and dio'ed by Lance Johnson aka. Digler

More to come....please stand by.