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  • Greetings, Eddie.

    This time, I intend to be back for good. I have missed this place a lot, but have been swamped with everything in my life. Going to try to be a better member of the site here.
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    Once you do it a time or two, it's very simple. I really love DCBS. It's the best long-term retail experience I've ever had. And the people are so nice, like they actually care and really do want your business. It's a novel concept!
    You have to place an order every month. DCBS has a "pull list" feature but it doesn't auto-order for you, it's mostly an ordering tool to help you make your order quickly and make sure you don't forget anything.

    Auto-ordering would be a nightmare because so many titles have multiple covers, high-priced incentive covers, and other nonsense that if you just said, "Send me the new issue of Batman every month," you'd end up with three different copies and some expensive shit you didn't want to pay for.

    So no, there is no "subscription" per se, but ordering monthly is no big deal, takes five minutes. And if you forget, they usually send you a reminder email. And if you still don't do it, just email them the next month and tell them what you forgot from the previous month, and 99% of the time, they can add it to your order (they have a large brick & mortar store too). Like I said, customer service is aces.
    Preordering is the way to go. Never miss an issue, never have to worry about damage (they package comics like they're made of glass). Of course, if that one comic is all you're getting, the shipping will kill you. But if you're getting more than 5 or 6 issues total per month, the discounts make it worth the trouble...
    DCBS is for anything you'd preorder in advance. Like this month, you order books that are scheduled to ship in Nov. Discounts are insane, and this is the only way to go for stuff you know you're going to get.

    For books that have already been released, I order from mycomicshop.com. No discounts, but they are very reliable, no issues.

    For trades that have already been released, of course there is amazon, but DCBS has a sister site, instocktrades.com that has some great deals too. I try to support all of these guys before amazon if the prices are comparable.
    DCBS (Discount Comic Book Service) aka dcbservice.com

    Been using them since '06, and they are (probably) the largest mail order comics service in the country. Customer service is outstanding, off-the-charts really. I can't say enough good things about them.
    Lol we don't get Joes in the uk shops. I use ebay, bst lists here & trips to usa. I'm not buying joes as they don't fit into my dio story. All about custom figs nowadays.
    SWG bought a Reeves and bring in to con. Told him I'd take it and offer you. He got at target so prob ten bucks plus shipping. Your call bro.
    The search results practically always come up with the same 4-5 sites first with the fixes, so you will get used to the sites and will be very confident. Site's like Tom's Hardware, MajorGeeks, Microsoft's. All are real and will pop up first almost every time. I learned everything I know about CPU's via Google.
    Security packages I would tell you to use are free. And they are the best. The free open source ones are the best on market. The smartest CPU people in the world, always write open source. They dont take jobs for MacAfee, Norton, ect. Than their hands are tied as to what they can cannot do. They become proprietary to the company, like everything Apple (why they suck!)They say fuck that, I'll write my own do what I want. They get paid more for the ads on the pages than any subscription/company would ever give them.
    people are dumb. When windows has an error it gives you a code. All you have to do is type that code and everything in the error window into google and you will get the fix within the first 3 results. People are too dumb/scared to try. Trust me, the tutorials on fixing are easy as pie to follow.
    When you buy a windows PC it comes with 6 months of protection, after that you MUST put on new, or buy one on it. Most people unfortunately let them run out and dont bother. Those are the people who write the I was hacked stories. Their fault. In todays world, having a PC with no security is like propping you house front door open and going on vacation. You gonna get robbed eventually. But with security, you deadlock that door with an alarm. I will tell you what security packages to put on right away, and how, to prevent any intrusion. Your Router will also protect you from hackers. Called a hardware firewall. Once again, those who are hacked, have their shit set open and unsecured.
    I hear ya. But the average consumer, like you are saying you are, is clueless the software to prevent that. You have a medd, I will tell you exactly what software to put on to prevent any and all of that. One big thing most people do is let windows save passwords to delicate info (IE credit cards, bank) Always click no, always type that in, and you will not have that issue. It only is bad when you have no security software on machine.
    Can also buy mini keyboard and mouse (bluetooth) to control devices. In my basement I have a PC hooked up to my Plasma, I use this Rii MWK02 Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo with Touchpad (Black) - Newegg.com to control it. Charges via USB and is the size of a normal remote.

    It also has a normal keyboard and mouse hooked to it for when we use it for gaming. The bluetooth keyboards and mouse run on a different band so you can use both at same time without conflict.
    I love my PC desktops (I have 3 for gaming purposes with my kids), but my next CPU will be a laptop. I will be getting an alienware most likely. I'll buy from Dell, they have great customer service. With a high end laptop you will be able to plug it into your HD TV via HDMI and use your TV as a monitor when at home, creating a living room desktop. App for phone to use bluetooth for your phone to become a keyboard and mouse. Most high end laptops will do this and most new phones have bluetooth. ASUS makes a great Laptop for a budget. Alienware will be 1-2 thousand for a top one, but, they are the best IMO. In the end, I think a windows Laptop serves most people best for the most uses.
    Thanks for the offer, but I'm currently trying to stay away from all TF Animated items. I have too many collections as it is, and I have to draw the line somewhere. But I really do appreciate you checking with me.
    But that means they are getting them. Thats the previous wave. If they get them Supes should be an easy find. 5 to a case. I'll be hunting tomorrow. Thu night stock at my target. I always find new toys on Fridays, han I'll check Toys R Us. Mine has not had the line yet. any wave.
    My local Targets told me today that they are no longer carrying DC Multiverse, they actually said Target will only be carrying online, but have none online. 1 Target and I would have thought the person looked at wrong item in PC, but both. Dammit, right as packaged pictures of Superman came out. I so sad. Looks like I will haunt BBTS now.
    Yeah it's crazy. It is their official video too. Watermarked all over as a loaner pilot video. 15 minutes into it, Thawn, Weather Wizard were seen, and a cage broken open with a sign that read Grodd!!!!!! So far so good. I'm like that little kid who just met their idol, all giddy. haha
    Your the man! Thanks for that Flash link. It's the pilot promotion episode 1. Out-fricken-standing!
    some figures are on the way, fri or sat. Your South Park dude, couple from DarkWynter and I forget the last one. I have tracking if its needed than too.
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