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  • Sweet! can get em from Amazon for the same price, but with free shipping if you buy over $35...if you buy both the brow and grey it puts you over the limit...
    I'm starting to do more of them. I know I've done The Joy, The Fear, a MSF trooper, Big Boss from Peace Walker, and Big Boss from MGS5. Everyone sort of finds one of Solid Snake that they comfortable with so I never felt the demand for one.
    you should start an idea thread in officer section for a Pay it Forward one. ideate for ground rules to keep costs down (shipping) but still be fun.
    No clue. I've been offered gobs of money and first-borns, but I never seem to be tempted to let it go.

    Don't even want the damn thing.
    Yea I feel ya. They should have done a flashback movie or something with him, Nappa and the Prince. I always root for the bad guys, always have since I was little. Didn't matter if it was the movies, comics, toons or pro wrestling lol. So Vegeta has always been one of my favorites and including the entire series... I think he has the best story.
    Yea I think he was tired of Goku. After writing for him in Dragon Ball and DBZ for years I think he wanted to move on. That's why he kept killing his ass lol. What he didn't understand was how attached ppl were to him thou lol.
    Ah the Cell Saga. The memories lol. It really pissed me off when Gohan went to HS and became the Great Sayainman. I was emo over that shit lol. I did like it when he went Majestic though and became a badass for a few shows in the Buu Saga. I was happy for him that they tried to bring him back.

    It feels like they were trying to make Gohan the new hero for the entire series and then just said fuck it after awhile and focused on Goten.
    Hell Yeah!!

    I loved that saga. Vegeta as a villain is so much more fun. I remember getting my bro-crush on him during the Namek saga when he was still a Villain but was leaning towards helping the Z warriors. His death toll was really racking up lol.

    You watching the entire Saga or just pieces of it?
    Is it an MU one, with the star and ring sculpted into the shield? And I definitely want that Revoltech shield.
    Easy as can be...I heated it up in front of hot blowdryer and came off super easily...I'd guess that running it under really hot water would work equally as well...his wrist and leg things came off easy also...
    I got all the Injustice figures now except the 3 different Lantern Exclusives. Do you want me to do a review on any of the other sets. I have the Infinite Heroes versions of all too for comparison.
    "Man I wish the case was getting laid at work" :wtf: Has Eddie hacked your account Morelock or are you just like MW & drunk! Lol
    I'll Probably mail that Spidey end of the week. You don't by any chance have any stores around you that still have movie Green Lantern figures. I am looking for a Reynolds headsculpt from one.
    Schweet! Actually forgot about these as I've been so busy with school and dealing with Med and my street dio lol. Got two new vehicles waiting stateside for these! Hehe another sneaky present for me :D Thank you!
    Me too! I've watched the entire series a good 6 times and some of the more popular sagas much much more. I haven't had much interest in any of the figures although I haven't looked into them too much.

    My favorite memory was me and my buddies downloading a North Korean cut of the series and watching them on a laptop and smoking weed LOL. This was back when getting illegal copies wasn't even close as common and we were watching shows that were years away from being released in the states.

    I have checked out abridged and it's awesome!!! I haven't watched it in a long time, I think I left off somewhere around Abridged episode 17 or 18?
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