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  • I've just been working too much I'm going out on the lake every day. What have you been up to? Have not seen you around for quite a while.
    Ha! I've heard that has been happening with a bunch of cats. That happened to me with MW2. I think I lost 6 months to that game. :D I had a pair of headphones that you could hear people reload they were so good. Made trying to stop playing almost impossible.

    You finding time to take some pics? I've been a lazy POS. :( Got all sorts of new items for props and not doing anything with them. Weak.
    Yea, work is killing all the time I could be using to enjoy life a bit. Hopefully I can get out and get some pictures next week. I have been restoring some SNAKE armors lately. Got tons of stickers from cobra stickers so I have finally used them. I have an escape armor that looks brand new right now. Doing a blue SNAKE next.
    I want to get access to a BIG printer. See the banner?^^^^^^^^^ the two background buildings are printouts! Still making foam buildings? I need to work out something with you on getting some of that, but we'll talk about it more later.
    Bout time you got over here! I shoulda known I'd bump into ya again. lol Did you ever aquire any backgrounds from
    You asked on JD about those backgrounds, its iirc. A lot of great stuff there. Been slowly acquiring more backgrounds, they are all over the place you just gotta look, getcha ass over to jezner though you'll be glad you did.
    Happy birthday SD!

    At least you didn't get hurt falling through the ceiling. That's rough. I made it to PA amazingly. It was a crazy trip. I've never dealt with so many problems between weather and the car.
    Oh hey, I meant to mention, if you haven't been using the pink/blue foam, you should try it out. If you've been using the white packing foam, it's sorta like Rembrandt using crayons. The pink foam is super easy to work with, you should definitely try it out!
    yeah its about the same here damn tornado came right through our neighborhood mostly it just took out some trees and trashed a construction site at the end of the road luckily no one was hurt
    hey man did you get hit by that storm the other day ,we got hit pretty hard here just got power back today just thought id check in make sure you and your family are ok
    Just a heads up. I am giving the winner of this months banner contest a POC Low Light. I want to see you in there. You have too much good work to not compete.
    That I do not. I never saw that figure at retail. I've seen a few cats at HT with him for sale fairly reasonable.
    hey man i was just checking out some of your pics over at joedios cool stuff man ,luv the sig pic youve got over their one of the best movies out their ,keep up the good work
    I actually though it was a building on MW2 in Favela. I haven't played Black Ops at all. Either way it came out awesome and will get some good use. I've been lazy with photos and this will be a great way to get back in the swing of things.
    Oh, I will. I love all the little details you added like the posters on the interior. I already have a raid planned for it. You really killed it on this one. Where did that door come from?
    Just picked up the goodness yesterday! That is off the hook! I'll have some shots up here later to show it off. I plan on a little town set up with that and the warehouse soon. Thanks again SD! You are the effin' man!
    Not much I gotta echo the major, you are needed in that one thread I just saw a dio at JD and I gotta learn how to do this.
    What up D? Just wanted to hit you up and see if you wanted that HISS and LAW. I'm shipping some stuff tomorrow if you are interested.

    People want to know how you do your magic on walls. They are waiting like hungry dogs.
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