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Coil Con III

Officer member Slaymaker attended Coil Con III this Saturday and has graciously provided us with Intel. Slaymaker and his family made the trip from Iowa to attend the convention driving over 7 hours avoiding unusual traffic for the Iowa area including President Obama himself!  Slaymaker had the chance to meet comic artist Robert Atkins,  watch the world premiere of episode 1 of the anticipated G.I.Joe fan film G.I. Joe: Initiate, and spend quality time with fellow collectors. For those that aren’t familiar with Coil Con,  here is a description of the Convention: The CoilCon is the Midwest’s largest GI Joe convention. Now in its third year, the Con continues to grow in attendance and in the number of special guests and vendors. The past years’ conventions have been a great mix of hanging out with the community, CoilCon Exclusives, swap meets, great ... Read More »

G.I. Joe Club Footloose Review

Why on earth such a generic character has been on my “25th wish list” since the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line launched back in 2007, I’ll never know. Footloose is dated, he’s a third-tier character at best, and he’s almost as generic as Grunt is (and I hate Grunt). It likely has to do with his character in the Sunbow cartoon. Often teamed up with the likewise goofball team of Bazooka, Alpine and Quick Kick, the probably-a-pothead-although-he-was-never-explicitly-defined-as-a-pothead Footloose bumbled his way through battles with his bazooka and the munchies. He had a giant pillar crash on him in the episode closing credits. Not the most reliable soldier. So why did I want him in my modern collection so badly? No idea, to be honest. But I just did. And since he’s a fairly generic figure made from easily-reused/reusable parts (pretty ... Read More »