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Adding Muzzle Flashes & More

  Courtesy of forum Officer Fled74! Before I begin, I have to say that this tute works best with good, clear photos. Photoshop will not make a poorly-taken, blurry photo magically better. I must also say that I am by no means a Photoshop guru. More skilled people will have their own way of doing things, but this way works fine for me. Anyway, it’s been quite a while since I promised to make this tutorial for you guys. Apologies to all the guys who PMed me about it. Although it seems long and complicated, believe me, making the tute and taking screenshots were far more time-consuming than just adding the effects. I’m using Photoshop 7 for this, but I’m pretty sure the techniques will work for other versions. You can probably find a torrent or something, although I’m not ... Read More »