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Officer Coins!

After much waiting through the painstaking process of design and creation, the 2013-2014 Officer Membership Coins are here, and ready to be mailed out to those that have donated to help keep this site afloat. We are 100% staff and member funded so that we can say what we want, how we want, and when we want. Nobody tells us what to say, and that’s all thanks to you. We’ve done a lot to improve the site, to broaden its area of influence, and to give as many special “thank you for being a member” offers as we can! You help keep this place alive! You help this place grow! So here’s to another year! Stop talking and show me the coins! Read More »

2012 Officer Club Recap

Each new year several media outlets take time to revisit the previous year sharing the good the bad and the ugly. During the final few months of 2012 I considered the idea of creating a year in review editorial or even a type of awards for the site. As I was tossing around ideas I decided to focus my attention to one of the greatest features of the site.  What I’m going to discuss is one of the most asked about sections of the forum.  Several members both old and new are curious about it’s perks and what really goes on in what we call the Officers Club. The purpose of the Officers Club is to help offset some of the  site’s yearly cost so we can remain 100% corporate advertisement free.  We have always felt that accepting money from ... Read More »

Airtight by Rick

Officer member Rick is a staple of the Fighting118th.com.  He’s a constant inspiration with his fantastic diorama’s and custom soldiers.  Rick likes to take characters and modernize them to a real world aspect.  A perfect example of this is his Bio Combat Airtight which is based on the 30th Anniversary edition G.I.Joe figure.  Below is a quote from Rick: I painted with Tamiya Dark Yellow, Black wash and brown dry brush.  I left the connection thing on the shoulder that always seems to rub paint off the natural yellow. Figured, why fight it, it can be an indication of a bio grade suit. You can discuss Rick’s custom Airtight Here Also make sure to check out Page 2 for a Full Gallery on Airtight as well as some of Rick’s other figures.   Read More »