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Marvel Universe Professor X

The much desired Marvel Universe Professor X has hit retail!  Professor X uses the same mold as the 2009 SDCC exclusive James McCullen figure that was available only at the convention in a 2 Pack with another Destro/McCullen figure.  Ever since the McCullen figure has been announced,  collectors have wanted the figure not only because it’s a great looking figure but for all of the custom possibilities.  With the rarity and short supply of the figure not to mention the cost,  the McCullen figure hasn’t been customized as much as collectors wanted too.  Several G.I.Joe lines have come and gone since the release of the exclusive suited figure and collectors have continued to ask Hasbro for a mass retail release of the mold with no response. Finally it was announced some time ago that a Professor X figure was coming to retail using the same ... Read More »

Men In Black figures are here!

What is one thing that many people would love to have in their 1:18th scale collection?  Suited figures.  They have plenty of applications yet are far and few between.  Well the Men In Black figures are here to save the day.  No more $30 SDCC Destro bodies (although it is a nice pin stripe suit).  For $10 you can finally have that suit to add to the ranks. Thanks to Gungho-joe we have a few images of what these figures look like.  They are a little wide in the shoulders but that’s not a deal breaker for myself.  Here is some information from Gungho-joe about them: “I found them at TRU. They were 9.99 each. They also have deluxe figs with the noisy cricket and nueralizer. I got my boys the deluxe figs since they wanted the life size “props” ... Read More »