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Men In Black figures are here!

Men In Black figures are here!

What is one thing that many people would love to have in their 1:18th scale collection?  Suited figures.  They have plenty of applications yet are far and few between.  Well the Men In Black figures are here to save the day.  No more $30 SDCC Destro bodies (although it is a nice pin stripe suit).  For $10 you can finally have that suit to add to the ranks.

Thanks to Gungho-joe we have a few images of what these figures look like.  They are a little wide in the shoulders but that’s not a deal breaker for myself.  Here is some information from Gungho-joe about them:

“I found them at TRU. They were 9.99 each. They also have deluxe figs with the noisy cricket and nueralizer. I got my boys the deluxe figs since they wanted the life size “props” from the movie. The neck as the same ball joint that the WWE 3.75 and UFC figures have. They have great articulation for figs in suits. The jackets are soft that allows for seated positions and just a little touch of a exacto “unbottons the jacket for removal. They have the same body articultation as the wwe/ufc figures have. I would have cleared then out of the J and K but I didnt want to grab them all and leave nothing for anyone else. I will be picking more up for several customs I have planned. I did talk to Jakks and they told me that only Target and TRU would be carrying them. I have to say that I love these even better than the SDCC suit and tie Destro. Tons of Potential with these. Also I guess that a “bad guy” alien in the movie also is wearing a sports jacket with dress pants and a dress shirt without buttons was there as well. I am planning on grabbing a few of those as well and swapping heads and hands for some “casual wear” customs.”

"I got a per diem burning a hole in my pocket sweetie."

So for those looking for a Secret Service, gangster or even a pit boss the wait is over to get that suit in your dioramas.

Come join the discussion and check out some more images here!

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