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Welcome Digler & The Devils Chronicles!

Welcome Digler & The Devils Chronicles!

I would like to give a hearty welcome to Digler and his custom universe, The Devils Chronicles, which are making their way to The Fighting 1:18th this month.

Way back, a long long time ago, Digler showed up at our door with a custom idea.. what if he made a realistically scaled Ch-46 Sea Knight helicopter? Even better.. what if he used a couple of undersized toys to do so! We were all enthralled with his progress, and the final product turned out amazing.

It was non stop for the Big D after that. He started pumping out amazing custom after custom, each one more impressive than the last. I personally ended up with two in my collection, an awesome MRAP and an even awesome’r HEMTT gun truck! Eventually Digler figured he needed a crew to man this expanding vehicle arsenal, so he went about making his own custom figures. Soon, all these figures and vehicles demanded a universe to live in.. so the Devils were born.

After a time away exploring the exciting world of Facebook, Digler has come home, and taking up roost at his own sub-section of our forums. You can get there directly by typing http://devils.fighting118th.com/.

We’re all looking forward to see what Digler has next in store for his Devils… see you in the Forums!

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