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Diorama – 9SFG(A) – Combat Patrol
My 9th Special Forces Group (Airborne) customs

Diorama – 9SFG(A) – Combat Patrol


9SFG(A) - Combat Patrol

9SFG(A) - Combat Patrol

Here is my first diorama that I made for my 9th Special Forces Group (Airborne) customs that I worked on for a couple of months.

This diorama is pretty basic, I did not have a lot of room to set things up, so I used a couple of poster boards as the base and the ‘sky’. I got some sand terrain for a base, and some paint to fill in the holes where the terrain got rubbed off.

I used a PTE “Bombed out Building” as the central point of the diorama, and just gave it a heavy coat of weathering to make it seem a little more realistic.


9SFG(A) - Combat Patrol

9SFG(A) - Combat Controllers

The figures are all G.I. Joe-based figures. I used mostly PoC Dusty legs, with 25th Airborne Torso/Arms, as well as some RoC Desert Duke Torso/Arms for the combat controllers.

The gear is a mix of 21st Century Toys stuff, BBI, and G.I. Joe equipment. Some of it is custom made, but most of it I just painted/re-purposed for my own needs.

The HMMWV is a customized 21st Century Toys M1025 “TOW” HMMWV that I tried to turn into a Special Forces-type HMMWV. I added all kinds of 1:18th scale items to the HMMWV as well!

Please view the gallery below for more pictures of my small diorama, thank you.

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  1. This is a really sweet setup and I would love to walk in from a hard days work and see something like this on display at home!!!

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