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[NEWS] M-114 Up Armored Tactical Vehicle Kit by Pickelhaube

[NEWS] M-114 Up Armored Tactical Vehicle Kit by Pickelhaube

Fighting 118th Officer Pickelhaube has brought us news of his upcoming M-114 Up Armored Tacticle Vehicle Kit for 118th HUMVEES. Here are some of the details in his own works.

“The turret is a complete build up . My original ( older style ) turret was way different than the new . The pintel was changed as well.”

“This will work on ALL HUMVEES that are on the market. Except for maybe the Maisto . The top of the Maisto is made out of metal and the old TOW turret frame is cast into the top. Some serious metal cutting will have to be done in order to make it work. All others should be no problem to fit in their respected turret rings.”

“How many times have you all gone to bed wondering why did 21st make their front grill like that? Will somebody ever make this right ? Well sleep well my fellow 1/18th collectors the wrong has been righted !!!!!! This armored grill will fit on ALL HUMVEES on the market.”

“You can use the IBIS bumper without the armored grill . There are many many pics of it being used without the new grill. The grill and bumper need a lot more work to finish I just wanted to show progress. The head lamp lenses will be cast in clear resin so they will look the part !! It is hard to tell in the pics but the top flat part of the bumper ( the part that you would stand on ) has the non skid plate pattern on it.”

If you would like to read all the details, express interest in purchasing, and join the conversation you can find Pickelhaube‘s original thread HERE.

I would like Pickelhaube for his continuing service to the 118th community and I would like to thank the readers.
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