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[Sale] StarWarsGeek’s Uzay Savascilari Sale

[Sale] StarWarsGeek’s Uzay Savascilari Sale

Time for another Fighting 118th StarWarsGeek sale, here are the details.

It’s a yearly tradition for most retailers to have massive blowout sales for “Black Friday”, and this year I’ll be joining that tradition! But I’m going to be starting my sale TODAY and running it thru the weekend! I’m actually going to run several different sales, and you can pick which offer you’d like to participate in.

Sale #1 – A special BOGO sale – you can get 1 item of the same type/scale FREE for every item that you purchase. If you purchase 4 – 1:18 heads, you can pick 4 – 1:18 heads for FREE! If you purchase a helmet, you can get a FREE helmet. However, I’m going to be very specific about this – the FREE item MUST be the same type/scale as the item you purchase. So you can’t buy 6 heads and ask for 6 free helmets. You CAN buy 3 heads and get 3 FREE and buy 3 helmets and get 3 FREE but the items MUST be the same type/scale. Not the same exact item, just the same type. You also can’t mix scales and purchase 1:12 heads and ask for 1:18 heads for free. Sorry. All items under $10 are eligible for this sale.

Sale #2 – A special bundle sale – pick any 10 heads, 5 helmets, and 5 weapons, for just $20 plus shipping. That’s just $1 per item! PLUS I’ll throw in a FREE pouch set ($6 value) with every bundle. So that’s $66 worth of items for just $20 (plus shipping)!

Sale #3 – a pack of 50 RANDOM head casts for just $25 plus shipping. That’s just $.50 per head!! You can’t beat THAT! Remember though – they are RANDOM which means you can’t pick and choose which items you want.

Shipping charges are as follows:
$3 USA
$10 International

This sale starts NOW and runs through Sunday. All orders must be sent via message to me here at the forum. DO NOT ORDER AT MY WEBSTORE OR EBAY STORE. All orders MUST be placed by Sunday (11.30.14) at 11:59PM EST. Any messages after that time will be discarded. All payments must be made by Monday (12.1.14) at 11:59PM EST. Any payments made after that cutoff will be refunded.

One thing I wanted to say as well – I’m *hoping* for some good activity with this sale, and I’ll be posting it to a bunch of message boards and various places to whore it out as much as I can. While I do try to keep a good stock of items on hand, I have to point out that I probably have about 10 -12 of most items on average. Obviously, anything that sells out can be remade, but it will take a week or so to get more stock made. So, the earlier you order, the better I can be sure to fill your order before items start to sell out. If you order items that are not available, I will let you know.
ges, and links to forum threads.

You can find his original thread HERE if you would like to comment or ask any questions. Officers be sure to check the Officer’s B/S/T thread for his amazing Officer only specials. Remember use the Fighting 118th PM system to place your order.

Thanks StarWarsGeek!

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