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Well, I guess you can't keep a good site down (for long)!

We’re BACK!

Well, I guess you can’t keep a good site down (for long)!

We’ve finally managed to get all the 0’s and 1’s ironed out, and got the website back in working order! Took about 24 hours longer than we had planned, but, as usual, we should have prepared for unforeseen consequences!

We moved the entire filesystem, as well as all our databases and mail service to a new server, thanks entirely to the wonder members who have already donated to our yearly “Officers Club” membership drive! Thank you guys!

Hopefully things will run faster and smoother from here on out (No promises!), and we have some cool plans underway for the near future.

Thanks for the patience and see you on the forums and at SDCC ’11!!

– Management

ps.. the “Officers Club” membership drive is still going on…


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