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Tofujesse Q and A Part 2

Tofujesse Q and A Part 2

Officer member Tofujesse is well known for his excellent casting skills.  I recently got the opportunity to pull Tofujesse away from his non stop work to take part in a exclusive Q and A session.  Here in Part 2 we discuss Tofujesse’s Store,  how to contact him,  his experience with “haters” and some fun Off Topic questions.  In case you missed Part 1,  you can view it Here

Q16:  Your reputation has grown significantly over the last few months which started with Meddatron’s flicker account to your very own website. Were you surprised how quickly the store took off?

I was extremely surprised how fast things took off. I never really planned on opening a store but I kept getting so many requests. Thanks Meddatron.

Q17:  The 30% off sale generated a lot of buzz in the collecting community. How successful was the sale and do you have any plans for future events?

It was very successful, more than I had anticipated. I received almost a 100 orders in the three days. I do plan on doing other events but they won’t always be the same and maybe not even every month. Just my way to say thanks to everyone.

Q18:  In the short time that your store has been open, you have gained the reputation as a Caster who puts the customer first. What do you say to that?

Ask my customer. Nah I’m just kidding. I just believe if you are going to offer a service to anyone you need take care of them, make them important. Your giving me your money so to me that it’s pretty important that I take care of you as a customer. If any customer wants to ever just talk be it IM, PM, or even a phone call I am always available.

Q19:  We have seen casts from several different brands, toy lines and even 1:6. Is there any brand or toy line that you refuse to work on?

I will pretty much do anything anyone wants me to do as far as toys go.

Q20:  If somebody wanted to work with you or contribute to your store, would you be open to that and what would be the best way to approach you?

I would be very open to that. They can contact me through my email contact form on the site or here, just PM me.

Q21:  As with anybody who is on top of his craft, you always have people who want to bring you down or “hate” on you. What do you do to not listen to the “haters” and stay focused?

Good question. It’s very hard. I just take it in, vent for a few minutes and then forget about them. I am a ex-military US Army Paratrooper so I just stay on track of my goals.

Q22:  Honestly, does it bother you when individuals try to hurt your business and reputation or do you see it as part of running a company?

It does but just for a few minutes then I am past it. To me people that are so focused on what your doing and don’t worry about themselves….well that speaks for itself. They turn out bad products, bad customer service…So they will eventually go away on their own.

Q23:  If you could go back in time and change anything involving casting, what would you change and why?

I would have started casting 1:18 scale stuff sooner, really love doing it. Maybe it’s because I love toys.

Q24:  Can you share some ideas or hints to something that may be in the works that may surprise your customers?

Doing some work with a studio and I will have my own line soon.

Q25:  We know about Tofujesse.com, how else can people get a hold you?

They can email me at tofujesse@gmail.com or right here on the boards.

Q26:  Tofujesse? Whats the story behind the name?

To long of a story but it started out as a joke and I liked it so I used it.

Q27:  Do you have a favorite figure of all time and why?

I would have to Say 1982 Snake Eyes, Just looks badass and that was the very first Joe I grabbed when my mom took me to Woolworth’s for my 12th birthday and bought me every joe figure and everything else that was out and it was 1982

Q28:  Besides Casting and Toys, what are your hobbies?

Sports, you name it and I have played it. I was in a Basketball league for long time.

Q29:  What are your top 5 movies?

Star Wars, Of Mice and Men, BlackHawk Down (cause I was there), Forrest Gump, and Voyage into Space.

Q30:  Zombie Apocalypse has started. What is the first thing you do?

Go in to def-con 4 and grab my Zombie survival gear and head for the hills. Look out Major Blood cause here I come.

I want to give a huge Thanks to Tofujesse for taking the time to partake in this interview with me.  I appreciate his openness and I strongly recommend to visit his store Here.  I have had the chance to talk with Tofujesse on several projects that were “off the record” and I promise you guys that some big things are coming!  You can discuss this Q and A as well as anything involving Tofujesse Here.

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