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Scratchbuilt 1:18 Prime by Keenan

Scratchbuilt 1:18 Prime by Keenan


Now, I know there’s a few customizers out there who have tackled larger scale projects. I’m pretty sure there’s a transforming Optimus Rolling Thunder in joe scale. But what forum member Keenan has built is a 1:18th(perhaps 1:16th) masterpiece. It’s unfortunate that this beast does not transform, but that in no way takes away from the magnificence that has been created. It’s creations like this with something so large that you really get a true idea of the scale we enjoy. And hey, let’s be honest… who doesn’t want some Transformers scaled with our 1:18 figures and vehicles? I know I’d be happy as a clam to own something like this!


This beast is completely scratch built(minus some joints and the hands that came from donor fodder), and Keenan has put in many hours of work into what could only be a labor of love at this point. Not only is he making this one, but he is also working on his own version of mrplasticrobot’s custom Supreme class Optimus. Add to this the fact that Keenan is also scratch building a comparably scaled Megatron and you not only can appreciate the work, but get a true feeling of the joy and dedication he has towards his craft.

We want to thank Keenan for sharing his creativity with us here at the Fighting 1:18th!

As always, join the discussion here, for more pictures including the WIPs of this monster, as well as shots of his Supreme Class version!

You can also find his work on Megatron here!

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