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Jedi Pin-Up Girl

Jedi Pin-Up Girl


Once again, we highlight a bit of Sci-Fi on the Fighting 1:18th, compliments of forum member The Willoughbian! Today, it’s a sexy Jedi pin-up girl, and despite being a bit underdressed for Hoth, she certainly looks like she could kick any Sith’s ass from here to Alderaan! Made from a MU Scarlet Witch figure, Willoughbian did some modding to have the legs articulate like a ‘Joe figure. That along with some paint apps, accessories like a glow in the dark lightsaber, and a rigid soft-goods cloak(which will be in an upcoming feature itself,) Willoughbian put in a lot of work to create a sexy Siren for the light side of the Force!


Thanks, The Willoughbian, for sharing this with us here at the Fighting 1:18th! Feel free to click HERE for more pictures, as well joining in on the discussion!

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