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X Review: Firefly

X Review: Firefly

Now we get a little deeper into this mess they call Retaliation. Wave 2 “Blast Board” Firefly. I’m not so sure. This one just doesn’t stand out to me in any way. He’s green, and they say it’s Firefly. It just doesn’t scream Firefly to me. You could give it a Crimson Horseman helmet and it’d just be some bizarre new ‘Street Viper’.

Read on, and judge for yourself! Word of warning, harsh criticisms are ahead!


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  1. i drilled a hole in the left thigh not right. my left his right, lol.. but i loved those holsters so much and haw they had pegs, there was no way i wasn’t going to incorperate em in it.

  2. i actually like the figure, well, after i did some taking away things and adding things, and he’s ,not ff to me, i will give him a new name. indiana joe from og13 came up with a name i think fits weel, so with his permission, i will to name mine that.

    i took those horrible lower arms off and threw em away, and gave him roc snake eyes lower arms, and i took those damn horrid legs off and tossed em too. i replaced em with dg trooper legs, i did however use the holsters that this figure came with, i had to do some trimming of the pegs and some light sanding, and drill a hole on the right thigh halfway through the leg so the one holster peg would fit in and glued em. gave him a boot knife that came with lady jaye, and gave him the harness that came with joe colon. oh and tossed on roc jungle ripcord goggles. now the figure is bad ass, just need to paint the croth black, and maybe add some camo to the pants in a gray or maybe a green.

    oh, also added res trooper hands to roc lower arms. and a roc zartan backpack..

  3. I bought this a few days ago and I just used the head.

  4. And I thought the Joe Trooper was bad!

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