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Nightingale by K-Tiger

Nightingale by K-Tiger

The look is simplistic, slender and sleek. The paint is pretty good all around. The eyes are a little off ┬ábut we all know just how hard eyes are to do in a total figure repaint. The blue color does really add to them. I wouldn’t complain if they were looking at me after I woke from a surgery………….

back on topic, A few little details that I really enjoy about this custom. The first is the boonie hat. I really like how it hangs there and it gives the character that extra little accessory it needed. Unfortunately it is only for show as KT has said in his thread here.

The last detail that I really like is the unit patch on the shoulder. I am not up to date on whether it looks correct or not. But it sure works the part for me. Now for the pics.

You can join in on the conversation for this custom here.

I would like to thank K-Tiger for showing us his custom. And a big thank you to the readers as well. Eye will see you next time.

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