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SDCC 2013: The Hobbit [Updated!]

SDCC 2013: The Hobbit [Updated!]

Warner Brothers set up their Hobbit booth right in the smack dab of the convention floor. They had a sprawling space again, that shared with Weta & Gentle Giant Toys. They had a space for a small retail store, an autograph area and a large display area for all the Hobbit memorabilia and toys.

The Hobbit 1:18 scale display was on the small side, but I got pictures of what I could.

They were showing off the SDCC 2013 Exclusives, a 6″ Azog and a 1:18 “invisible” Bilbo Baggins. They were available for sale at the Weta/Hobbit booth.

I also got to talk with Mr Joel Alicea, who works for The Bridge Direct Inc, which is making The Hobbit toys. He told me that “Wave 2” of The Hobbit figures is ON, and scheduled for an October debut. Warner Brothers is keeping a lot of design things very close to the vest, so they cannot show too much at SDCC. The 5 pack they have out for display is just a mock-up of the actual product design.

They are fans of the 1:18th scale, as it allows them to do things they couldn’t otherwise pull off with a 6″ line. They hope to keep things going, and show us some cool designs going forward. There are tentative plans for a Smaug figure.. so let’s hope they can pull out all the stops and give us a true 1:18th scale DRAGON!
To the pictures!

Update: I added some additional pictures to the gallery and correct some information.

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