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F118thECCC Kumite Live

F118thECCC Kumite Live

logo_seal_smallThe Fighting118th East Coast Custom Convention hosted the anticipated Kumite Live: Denizens of the Dungeon Contest on Day 2 of the Convention. Kumite is a long running series of Contests that Officer Daremo has created and hosted over the years. Kumite Live was one of the highlights of Day 2 and we are pleased to announce the Champion! Before we announce the winner, check out the overview of the Contest below.

This is an invitation to the best dungeon fighters around the world to prove that they are the best. Create an original Hero or Monster/Baddie Heroic Quest inspired character custom figure to enter into the tournament. Only the best fighter will succeed in defeating all before them to become champion in this ye olde no holds barred battle royale martial arts tournament.

To find out the Champion click Here

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