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Ourwar WW2 and more

Ourwar WW2 and more

Below are the photos Melvin took at the China Toy Expo. We will not only be enjoying Germans, there are Americans and Russians coming as well. And to top that off take a look at the new 1:18th scale Aliens that will be hitting too.

We do not know or Melvin has not stated whether these are Chinese release only, or will be available stateside. Do not fret, Inside Melvin’s original thread you will find the info to be able to order directly from Melvin himself. Many people here on the 118th have utilized Melvin’s service in the past and have provided good feedback. So don’t be scared, order away.

I would like to thank Melvin for the release of this story, and if you have any questions or comments here is the original thread once again!!

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