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Pacific Rim Review

Pacific Rim Review

I was extremely excited for this movie. Giant mechs and giant monsters, what more could you ask for. Well a decent story would have been nice.  I have no idea why I hoped there would be a decent story. Monster movies usually fall flat there and this one did as well.

My only real gripe is the story. It’s very predictable. Where this movie shines is the monsters and the mechs. They were amazing and worth the watch by themselves. I enjoyed every single scene when they were in it. The destruction caused by them is what I hope to see in Godzilla as well.

The basic story is simple. A rift or wormhole of some sort opens in the ocean. Aliens are sending monsters through the rift to destroy us. Mankind fights back by creating the mechs. All is good for a while until the Aliens start sending larger and stronger monsters on a more frequent basis. The human defense starts to soften, they start to give up on the mechs until we get one final showdown to close the rift.

This movie wasn’t that great, but man was it a fun movie. The fun factor alone gives this guy 7.5 out of 10 Stars.

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