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Lost Planet 3 Toyline UPDATE!

Lost Planet 3 Toyline UPDATE!

Back in July at SDCC, we were thrilled with a surprise showing from the company Toy Notch, who delighted us with figures and mechs that were pulled straight from the gaming world. From the bits and bytes of Capcom’s Lost Planet 3, they brought us figures that looked as if they combined the poseability of both Marvel and G.I. Joe figures, with both a heavy dose of realism and video game fantasy. Today, forum Officer and Comic Review contributer Fogger1138 shared with us the news and pictures from Toy Notch’s Facebook page, that they would be bringing their figures to Toy Fair ’14! Does this mean we might see the Lost Planet 3 line this year? I, for one, hope so!

Check out the pics on the next page!


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