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Custom 6×6 Cougar by Digler

Custom 6×6 Cougar by Digler

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The Cougar is a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed to ensure troop survival in combat zones against land mines, IEDs and ambushes (hence the MRAP acronym).

From the General Dynamics Land Systems website: “Proven combat survivability is the key to sending personnel out with a ‘go anywhere, do anything and get home to tell about it’ attitude. The advanced ballistic and blast-protected MRAP Cat II Cougar boasts an outstanding occupant survival rate. The Cougar 6×6 can seat ten fully equipped passengers. The Cougar is the paragon of troop transports in Iraq and Afghanistan, where it has withstood literally thousands of IED/landmine attacks. As for the survivability of the Cougar itself, not only is the vehicle built to drive into danger, its reparability typically allows it to return to service within a matter of hours. The Cougar’s reliability has gained it global popularity and is being sold to foreign allies in Canada, Iraq and the UK.”

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It’s quite an impressive feat of engineering, and Digler‘s 1:18 version is just as badass (in a toy-collecting-man-child sense).  Starting with the chassis and engine from a toy truck, he ended up with a magnificent Joe-scaled rendition that pretty much all of us would proudly display in our collections.

What follows is a selection of photos from Digler‘s awesome build:

We at the Fighting 1:18th applaud Digler for his phenomenal work, and thank him for sharing it with us.

You will find many more (and larger) photos in his original build thread, and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or join the discussion!

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