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Comics: Planetary Vol. 1

Comics: Planetary Vol. 1

Planetary is one of the comics that I got from Fogger as a freebie complement to a contest prize. While what I received isn’t the whole volume that he reviews here, and is only one of several stories that makes up the whole, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, it was a bit of SHIELD meets MIB with some X-Men thrown into the mix. I know it sounds a bit strange when you think about it, but it all came together and worked, with what I felt was a pretty good tale. It certainly throws the classic superhero story into the blender and mixes it up. I really feel that they did their best to give just the right amount of details, instead of inundating you with a ton, or boring you with very little. It’s a delicate balance I think they achieve nicely. So that’s my brief take on it, but let’s see how Fogger breaks it down!

Planetary, volume 1: All Over the World and Other Stories


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