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Custom Contest: Operation Bird-Dog

Custom Contest: Operation Bird-Dog

Incoming intel…

“As of 1700hrs today, a highly secretive Spec-Ops team hitching a ride on a cargo plane loaded with medical aid and food, was shot down over hostile territory.
The cargo plane crashed in a heavily wooded area, just outside a local militia contolled region. Latest satellite surveillance indicates that the Spec-Ops team survived the crash, and have activated their homing beacons.
Local hostiles are patrolling the crash site and perimeter with several technicals, along with a large foot mobile force.
The Spec-Ops team is currently evading enemy contact, but will quickly be cornered and/or overrun.
“Task Force Delta” is in immediate prep stage for search and rescue, with a very limited window for success. Remember… no one gets left behind. Good luck, men.”

So goes the brief for the new custom contest organized by Fighting 1:18th Officers Obi-Shinobi and Daremo.

Would you like to know more? Check out the contest rules on Page 2!

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