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  • When did the issues start? I made some changes a couple of weeks ago.. but that shouldn't affect anything like that. The maintenance page should only show up if the site is completely down.

    I'll look at your account and see if there is anything amiss though.
    Did you figure it out? Not sure why that's happening.. seems ok for me, but I'll take a look
    Well, shit. But thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I've been here long enough I should've learned who the chief yell-ee is, lol.
    Hey AV. Sorry you're having trouble, but I have zero control over the site. Not an admin, mod, or any other position of authority. I'm just a schmuck that's been here for a very long time (i.e. since the beginning). I wouldn't know where to start other than sending a message to NSA. Sorry I'm not more help. Good luck!
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