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  • Thanks Cap! Good to hear you are still kickin'. Hope all is going well with the parents. I've been helping out here at home too. Might not be going back to a job so I could have the summer off! Woo hoo! I'll be in Canada this weekend so occasionally I'll try to drop a message if you are around.
    To anyone who is wondering, I've been busy helping taking care of my parents so I'm pretty much out of the loop right now. Catch ya later.
    I've seen similar type of figures before. I'm not familiar with the game though. I really like the detail on such small figures. I would be more inclined to collect something like that and have not the patience like you do for the painting.

    We were shooting pistols mainly today. My homies dad has a Hi Point 995 carbine (9mm) which was really a lot of fun. Very light and ammo is cheap and I can switch clips out with my mom's pistol. Then my grandfather brought down the .357 and that was great! My damn cousin gets that pistol. It was a fun 3 hour session today. They all came over early afternoon. I sighted in my grandfathers .243 towards the end. I'm way out of practice though. I need more time firing.
    Not really enjoying it but I'm here. Just got done shooting for about 3 hours so I feel much better. :D

    Those look off the hook Cap! You really do a nice job on your paints. What are those from?
    I figured you might have been busy. No worries. I have been too since I got here. The car is alive. Pretty sure it will make it back. Not sure what it's fate will be after that though.

    I have old and new comics on there. I got the newest ones from IDW to catch up on. Right now I'm working on Origins. I did infestation and the Cobra 2 series a few days ago.
    I don't know if they need my help to shat themselves. ;) They are super stoked to say the least. Hopefully I find out what is up with the car Friday. Right now I'm just catching up on the new GI Joe comics. I brought a hard drive with music and comics and another with movies to keep me sane at night.

    So are the parents doing good? Medical deal sounds a little bit questionable. Hope all is well on the front up there.
    I'm not sure how it's determined. They may be doing it with officer club members now. I would PM NSA and see what's up because I think you were on the BST before if I remember correctly.
    Well X is a handfull. You need 3 mods just for him. I also have my moments and I tend to bring in the bad crowds :)
    Not much Cap. Just watching some Twilight Zone and lounging. What about you. That's a fancy avatar you got there. I'll join Cobra.
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