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    Marvel Infinite 2015

    Kroger in my area has the Infinite figures for 30% off. I bought the whole beast wave for $7.80 each
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    Jrsmi6 april banner attempt

    here is a first attempt at the monthly banner
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    Daredevil (Net Flix TV Show)

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    Another modded Black Mask

    I have found 4 so far at Walgreens and they have a manufacturers coupon on them for $2 off. Sure beats the $12.99 price tag Target has on the line. Walgreens also have the Dr. Who figures on clearance for $2.29 so I have purchased several Amys and 10th Drs. plus a few 11s and 12s.
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    Daredevil (Net Flix TV Show)

    Sounds like they are putting a lot of thought into getting it right . I am really looking forward to its debut . Thanks for sharing the info.
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    Hiya Aliens Line

    I bought a couple of the Aliens and while they look great in the box once they come out they problems begin. The first one came out and his joints were all completely seized in the sockets. One arm snapped off immediately due to the inferior plastic. I took my time with the rest of the moving...
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    Daredevil (Net Flix TV Show)

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    Age of Ultron 4 inch

    :thumbsup:That's brilliant !
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    Marvel Infinite 2015

    Beast needs the mid torso joint and his arms need to be about a half inch longer.
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    Star Wars - VII - Official Thread!

    Colbert for the win!
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    Big Lots Sightings

    Tria if you want an FA 18 I'll hook you up for $20 plus shipping for one of the 3 I have in the garage. They are all still mib, the boxes are a little older , but the planes are mint. It will save you $20. Just Lmk if you want to take me up on the offer.
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    Major Alan"'Dutch"Schaefer

    This has been in the works for a loooooooong time, but without any time, space or... (did I mention time ?) anyway I have cleared some clutter, finished a long term remodeling project that had been dragging me down and now I have some time and room to do something I want. So with that said...
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    Can anyone identify these figures ?

    I picked up these figures at the flea market this weekend and I'm not sure what they are . A couple of them I know are Action Force ,but are they all? Any help is appreciated.
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    G.I.*Eddies custom contest entries

    No shit ! Awesome work Eddie !
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    Hocky Tape & Lego Sail Loadouts

    Thank you😂