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  • Thank you sir, though fogger cheated and beat you to it. Glad it got there safe and sound. I think we may both have a mild case of buyer's remorse, but it could have been worse. [img]
    Shit, I'd forgotten all about that rodeo line.

    I've got a Tuesday Morning the next town over that I can check, but the very nature of TM means they may not be there. Thanks for the tip.
    No kidding! They will probably get put up at 3 am on a Tuesday after the club has texted and tipped off all the elitist anyway.
    I've been checking on/off all day... Nothing. Tomorrow I will be out pretty much all day/night so I won't be any help.
    I still can't believe they gave that thing the "green light". The head sculpt is terrible (no way that was made by 2dtoys), and and the other glaring eyesore is the disappearing knife sheath strap. I didn't get it disappearing on the inner half part of his thigh. They had done pretty well until this year. They blew it this time around though.
    I can't stand those shitty magazines. Luckily I only get about 4 a year since they never make it to my house :rolleyes: I can't imagine having 2 memberships lol.
    I hear ya. I will probably continue to renew to pick up exclusives at their store since I'm most likely not going to do the FSS2 as I have almost no interest in any of them. Hell, 3-4 of them, I've never even heard of. Of course I'm emo over IB too and if next year they do a non ARAH tribute like some bullshit Brazil figure or whatever, I'll probably cancel my membership too.

    It just sucks that they have all the power and even with their insane prices.... it's still cheaper to go through them :(
    hahahaha. I'll grab as many IB's as I can for trade bait. I'll hook you up with one if you can't get one.
    I say grab as many extras of her as you can. I will get any off of you that you don't give to eddie or trade. Just in case I'm at work and she sells out in 5 minutes.
    Correct. I grabbed the extra Big Boa to scalp on eBay :D

    Fogger is getting our CG, so I'm going to have to watch the club closely to try and get my own CG.
    I usually post them when I think of them...originally I beable to think of alot since I had so many piled up in my mind :D
    I was looking for a Sgt. Slaughter sound byte from the 87 movie as it would have been funnier but I couldn't find one lol. I dunno, BF2000 is just so gay. I would rather have you do 100 figures before them lol. Sadly I had all of them as a kid including those silly vehicles that turned into a base.
    You haven't posted a custom in ages and now you have the itch again and you're going for BF2000? What happened to you man?
    No duh cost plus shipping ya damn scalper!...but what does that happen to be?

    Also, is it even possible to shrink down the 25th CC card art to like an inch and a quarter?
    What do I owe ya for the goods you have for me?...I kinda want to get the unmasked jinx head soon for a custom
    I'm gonna use this vest for Muskrat

    it's already green, it's not too bulky and looks good in general...not sure if I'm gonna cut the straps off and whether or not I'm gonna put it on a bare or shirted torso...and I kinda wanna use the DG Shippy style legs on him even though its not accurate...

    I'm also looking forward to working on customs again, now that the Retaliation line is finally about to start hitting retail full force. There are some excellent figures for custom fodder (Ultimate Duke, Ultimate Flint, Ultimate & wave 2 Roadblock, Colton, etc...) and a few figures that I want to add to my collection as is (i.e. Ultimate Snake Eyes). I just hope they're abundant as most movie lines are and I don't have to pay out the wazoo for fodder. I can't believe BBTS is charging $70 for wave 3/5 figures.

    Hope all is well with you, man!
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