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  • Well, if you can come up with a good plan that you think will work (Which fusalage, which wings, how will it all work, etc.), let me know and we can iron everything out and hopefully get started. Sorry it took me so long to resond, I didn't see your last post to the conversation.
    I'm pretty sure we can do it, but your budget will be cutting it close, and I don't know what shipping would cost, so keep that in mind too.
    Size is a factor. It needs to be large enough to be functional for the Joes. If it's really well done, and really durable, and very detailed and well painted... I could do $100 - $140. Would that work for you? Could you do 2 of them for around $200?
    Let's just make sure we have a very good plan agreed upon before we actually DO anything. Also, usability is VITAL. If this thing is overly fragile, it does me no good. I need to be able to PLAY with it. Durability is very important. Let me know what you come up with.
    I've got a few ideas but I'll do some brainstorming first incase I can think of something better. I'll keep you up to date though. If you get any ideas lmk
    Well what if we used the new Chap Mei C-130 or the Chinook (or a combo of both) as a base. What do you think of that? The Chinook main body might work with the c-130's wings... but what could we use for the 2 VTOL engines?
    Hey Man, thanks for your message. You've certainly peeked my interest... do you have any pics of any vehicles you customized? Large Aircraft? I would be very interested to see what you could do about an Osprey for the Joes. Obviously I've wanted a Chap Mei Osprey for a long time, but that will probably never happen... so what can you do?
    You do know that JD has a ARAH (O-ring only) section right? Most of my vintage stuff got played with for years and isn't really worth shooting figure wise. I do have some decent vintage stuff. And one of the unwritten rules no matter what site your on is: don't mix vintage with modern era. I have managed to sneak in a few vintage figs because ME figs don't fit the vintage vehicles.
    I'll keep you posted, things are still a bit iffy but if it comes to it you will be the first I contact with the humvees and tech stuff
    * wipes tears, sniffles* That... was... beautiful. Thanks man never saw that one before. But I have seen others use 'em. Are you a member of JD?
    To bad those eversparkle sets weren't around that long, I never knew about them until it was to late. I hope you can find some really. I talked to a tanker about them a long time ago and thats where I learned about them. I just wish somebody else would do something along the same lines weather it be Hasbro or whomever.
    None of that is in there. I have an almost full 1 gallon bag of oringers. Was gonna post it here after I went through the bins at my folks to make sure there werent any stragglers
    Yeah, I was confused by that. I was a tanker but yeah, that place really took a dump and I just posted on other boards
    Yeah. Nobody answered your question about Noneya's 1 post I kinda wonder about that myself. I know it was a while ago but you made a good point. Were you a tanker? I don't remember you.
    No worries on the figure. If anything when it's done at least show it off. I was curious how it worked out since I may try something for the zombie contest. I'm way behind on trying to do something but I may throw a project together quick for it.
    cool brother, Glad they arriced for ya. No worries on trying to get them or casts back to me. I had no plans for them, they were just sitting in a bin. Maybe someday i'll need something and a favor can be returned. I'm a Karma guy so i am just happy i could help you out.
    Helmets went in the mail. I just mailed regular post, But I did wrap them up in bubble wrap to be safe. Figure you should expect them early next week.
    Quick question: Is that box underneath the battery case? Also, can the pte built in battery container be used if the hardware is put in it?
    no...okay, you got me, yeah... I'm gonna try and do 6 to 8 though. Although may only do a few due to time if ya know what I mean
    Switches really depend on whether you want them kind of hidden or not, too. They have those small pushbuttons, submini slides(which is primarily what I use.) The small pushbutton switches are generally designed like a nut and bolt assembly, and the slides have tiny screws to fasten them.
    Depends on where you get them, the style of LED, etc. At Radio Shack I can get blinkers for like 1.49 a pair, and the brights for about 2 bucks a piece. You're looking at about a 20-30 dollar startup if you don't already have some supplies(solder, iron, wire.) And don't forget the switches!
    Thanks. It's also got a tail and main body blinker. Sold it to Firefly here a while ago, though. Don't have it in my possession anymore, but she was definitely a sweet bird. I'm pretty sure those are supposed to be antennas, though. But if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. :D Hopefully some good PTE stuff will get to my BL soon so I can start wiring stuff up again.
    Thanks! I'm a Hellcat nut... And we still need to have a little bit of a WWII vibe floating around.. =)
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