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    hahaha. Yea I'm not a fan of MN. I have a good job here and thats why I'm here but I can't wait to get the fuck outta here soon. What part of MN did you live in?
    Yea I've only seen a couple of videos. They are pretty short. I currently live in MN. I'm in a suburb in the Twin Cities. It's alright, I'm from Chi Town.
    Hahaha. I don't remember how it all happened anymore lol. I haven't email her in at least 6 months. What alot of folks are just finding out about her, I have known about her for 2 years now lol.
    Appreciate you posting the new pics... I'm always at work when she puts them up now & will most likely miss the REALLY good ones.
    I have over a hundred. Some are repeats of what's been posted. I'll upload them all eventually lol
    Hey thats all cool. Hopefully it doesn;t come down to you gettin rid of everything, but at times ya gotta do what you gotta do
    Hey, lmk if you still have the night ops hummvees and tech deck sets. Thanks, and sorry to hear about your news.
    its extra in that i ordered 3 intentionally in case the one i ordered from ebay didn't come thru...

    do you have a BBTS account?
    Man, that thing was a little bit of a pain to figure where things went but it is off the hook! I can't believe GI Joe had a kick ass Humvee at one point. Looks like some shock troops will have to go door to door in Springfield in that....
    Well it was quite a drive but made it in one piece. No weather on the way back but it was all construction and cops.
    Well looks like I have to shoot straight home after this trip. :( I may have to work earlier than expected. Wish I could have made it up there. It would have been cool to chill for a day.
    The car will be getting fixed wither way. I can still help out with the Destro. It's not a big deal. When I'm more awake I'll go over the morons I work for. This east coast time has me out of whack.
    The fuzz pretty much let me be. I stayed a hair under the limit and no following close. IL was the worst with them. It was raining in Ohio so there were less out than normal. PA had one but it was super late and he had someone pulled over. I did hit a shredded truck tire and I'm pretty sure it busted my brake line. They were not working good when I went to a stop and I saw a fresh liquid on the ground. That was the only thing besides the oil that was new. I limped home pretty much. I'll be amazed if the car makes it back. Plus, who knows if I'll be working anyway. Sounds like the company is finally starting to fall apart. Summer Vacation!!!
    I'll grab the other two next trip up there. I don't think they are moving very quick. I grabbed 5 today and there were 3 left. I was blown away! Later this week I'm checking some other spots around the area.
    I'll be checking once I get back to PA for more. I take a day when I go to the army & navy store to check them. If I can manage the time to shoot up that way I'll do it for sure. It depends on when I have to actually be back to work. I can't short the family time or they'll be pissed. More so about not seeing the dog so much.

    I'm heading to Toronto. That's where the convention is. I'm meeting up with Xhairs and a few others and we are splitting a room and staying there until Sunday.
    Just keep it for another deal. I'm going to send that and probably a ATV and Desert Slide for the boy. I figure he'll get some use out of them and I just want the figures. It's all good. Seeing that he was stoked on the NR was enough. Maybe on my trip back I'll see if I can go that way and we can chill. I have wanted to take I90 for a few years now. It's been way too long and I like that route.
    Finally hit your feedback up. I'll probably send that tank out by Thursday. I've been busy getting ready for my trip.

    That is an excellent avatar you have there. I like the "hand underwear"
    Got a package from SD today. Thanks P! Please tell your son thank you for the card. That was so cool of him. I'm glad he digs the jet. You think he'd dig any of the stuff from the canceled wave 3 alphas? Like the ATV, Lava Pod or Desert thing? Also, please PM me your HT feedback so I can hook it up. Thanks again brotha'.
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