Ak74su Tactical


Dec 20, 2014
This gun started out as an ak74 cast from daremo with no stock, wooden pistol grip and a grenade launcher. First thing I did was add an upper from a m4, shaved off the front grip and laser and added the angled front grip. next I added the stock, which is set in the gun itself for extra stability and I added the new pistol grip. The magwell is still not perfect but you can get a firm mag attachment with a little patience. I also sanded it all down and added new furniture accents with a wood burner. Not complete led yet but I wanted to share.

183CA834-92FF-4937-A2EE-620663D01075 by Jb H, on Flickr

44FD4B1C-E632-4756-B33F-AAA0A928FA8C by Jb H, on Flickr


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