Club Sub 3.0 (GIJCC FSS)

Mandingo Rex

Mar 14, 2011
Gone Baby, Gone
Got mine in today. Well packaged, with the 6 boxes in a larger box, with packing paper! Made me wonder if it was even from the Club! (I didn't pay for extra paper!) :rolleyes:

Easily the best month "wave" in the history of FSS for me. I had 2 sets, and from those 2 I was able to keep a pretty pristine "carded" set and an opener set that required little-to-no modifications.

Spoilers below:

I will need to repaint one of Frostbite's eyebrow (one's a tad short) but that's the reason I opened the one I chose, because I can fix it. Not everyone can, and I realize that, but between the 2 Frostbites I got, that was the only difference in quality. Everything else, including card condition, was excellent.

I had to remove Big Ben's bullet belts and put them on differently so they fit less awkwardly, but that's a minor issue that was easily fixed that anyone can do. In fact, the only thing I dislike on parts choice on these 3 are the legs of Big Ben, but they're still decent legs, and they work, so it's not a huge issue or anything. Very great quality on all 3 figures, and they definitely work for the characters that they're intended to be.

As for Frostbite, I absolutely love the figure's build and think he's one of the best figures the Club has done to date, if not tied for my personal favorite with Cross Country, Big Boa, and Footloose (Those 3 are all perfect 10s in my mind).

I even like the card art, which I've seen some folks bitch about not liking, but as an illustrator myself, I can find little fault in this artwork compared to any of the other modern/vintage style "painted" artwork. I just wish they'd put his goggles on him for the carded version, because he looks slightly off without the goggles on if you're leaving him carded. Great build, and he has the perfect amount of accessories that make 100% sense, without any extra crap and he can store all his gear on him. And as for his build, he's got some of the absolute best parts to date, even if his legs are older 25th legs. That's how you mix old and new, Club, and wind up with excellent figures. I don't know why they can't do a job like this all the time. In fact, it makes me question how the same folks could put out Frostbite and Iceberg, because one is a masterpiece, and the other is an embarrassment.

In fact, the build on Frostbite is exactly the build I'd use to make a perfect General Hawk (minus the hands, head and webgear.) Slap a newly-sculpted collar/holster/salad webgear (similar to the way Frostbites is constructed, as a shoulder harness), flesh hands (such as Lifeline, etc.) and the 25th waist holster on him (or hell, even the same waist holster as this one, even if it's on the wrong side!) and use the 30th Law head and the helmet/goggles from HnR, and it'd be one hell of a General Hawk.